Aisha Al-Sulaiti joins the project for her PhD

Aisha joins the project from the State of Qatar and will be examining identity and medical work-related stressors for doctors, trainees and medical students. She will also be expanding the questions to look at cultural identity  in terms of training culture and/or host culture. The project will explore how stressors are dealt with over and above the shared medical culture. Aisha will also be extending the research to the experience of nurses and the specific stress that nurses face as well.

Aisha holda a Bachelor degree in General Pharmaceutical Science from King Saud University (2000); a Masters degree in Healthcare Management from Manchester University  (2011); and a Masters in Social Science Research Methods from Cardiff University (2016).

The MSc research (at Cardiff) included elements of “emotional labour”, healthcare well-being, identity and culture. Together with her clinical and management experience working with different healthcare specialties in hospitals in Qatar, this led to the interests and passion to explore the issues of well-being in health care at the PhD level.

It is terrific to have Aisha join the project and expand the scope of what we can explore.